The urban mobility transition confronts cities with new challenges in dealing with technological innovations and disruptive changes. The SPROUT project aims at supporting cities in dealing with these developments under uncertainty through a dedicated approach that consists of

  • Pilot projects: are approaches to test innovative mobility solutions that could influence future urban mobility systems and to understand their potential impacts in real-life environments;
  • Scenarios: are means to derive images about possible future environments and to engage stakeholders; and
  • Tools: to understand cities’ readiness for dealing with the urban transition and deploy innovations.

The toolbox wants to provide practical guidance to city officials steering the mobility transition that cities face. It provides tools and methods developed and/or used during the SPROUT project and details their application areas, outputs, and functions in the policy cycle. Where possible and applicable, the toolbox provides assessments from city representatives.

The SPROUT toolbox provides tools, methods and data that cities can use to steer the mobility transition and harness its positive impacts. It represents the results of the SPROUT project, which were co-created by researchers and practitioners in the SPROUT demo projects.

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